AFRL awards KeyW $24M ISR contract

The KeyW Holding Corporation of Hanover, MD announced on August 8 that the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded the company a $24 million contract to conduct research in Multi-Sensor Multi-Domain Fusion, including radio frequency, electro-optical and infrared sensing and exploitation for airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Under the contract, which will be funded over five years, KeyW will support AFRL in extending the body of knowledge in Multi-Domain Sensing for Autonomy and deliver hardware and software components to include imaging, detection, tracking, multi-functional sensor applications, high-performance time- and space-fused multi-intelligence processing and airborne testbed operations to provide solutions to the Air Force’s future Air Dominance and Anti-Access/Area Denial challenges. This may also include transitioning this technology to operational platforms using the AgilePod multi-intelligence pod developed by KeyW for AFRL under the Agile Manufacturing for ISR contract last year.

KeyW’s director of Dayton operations and visionary behind the Air Force’s Blue Devil, AngelFire and AgilePod programs, George Dalton, will serve as the KeyW program lead. “We’re proud to continue supporting the Air Force Research Laboratory and are dedicated to the success of its mission serving the world’s greatest Air Force,” Dalton said. KeyW’s Dayton team supports ISR development efforts for AFRL, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, developing several single- and multi-band radar systems, a GPU-based supercomputer, exploitation products and multi-intelligence small unmanned aerial vehicle operations.

“We look forward to supporting AFRL as it continues to push the boundaries of airborne ISR,” said John Sutton, KeyW’s chief operating officer. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity to drive the mission forward while leveraging the existing multi-sensor technology KeyW developed and tested to conduct critical research for Department of Defense customers.”

Source: KeyW