ACI Solutions and Intelligenx launch new cybersecurity platform

ACI solutionsACI Solutions, an Arlington, VA-based provider of secure IT services ranging from unified communications to cyber security for government and enterprise clients; and Intelligenx, a provider of the next generation of Threat Intelligence Software where the human factor is the key component identifying actors behind any cyber attack, have launched a new cyber security platform, the companies announced May 3.

Cyber Security threats such as hacking, ransomware, social engineering and the constantly evolving risks have become increasingly prevalent for all industries both in the U.S. and abroad. As these attacks continue to rise, business and government agencies have few and limited resources to help combat cyber terrorism. The wealth and depth of information easily accessed by hackers is overwhelming. Simply put, organizations face ever-growing exposure to unknown entities working over-time to take down firewalls and access the most sensitive of information.

“Companies and government agencies are often forced into a position of being reactive vs. proactive with cyber-security threats. Ultimately driving them to implement a system or software solution that does not fully meet their needs,” said partner and COO Peter Furness of ACI Solutions.

“We have developed new techniques and products using our proprietary algorithms, combining them with the most modern techniques of Data Extraction, Cross Referencing and Analysis of information available in any Data Source, including Deep Web and Social Feeds,” said president Pablo Abdian of Intelligenx.

The all encompassing solution provided by ACI and Intelligenx offers a multi-faceted platform that performs a thorough Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Analysis, and Implementation of end to end Cyber Security Solution, while collectively reducing risk with ongoing support of Predictive Analysis Software, and Social Hunting Algorithms.

The Cyber Security Solution allows for increased insight and awareness of existing programs, while drastically increasing their effectiveness. With decades of experience, a deep understanding of the cyber security landscape coupled with cutting-edge technologies and tools, ACI and Intelligenx lead the way for a full-service Cyber Security Platform, eliminating challenges faced from the “Human Factor” while de-anonymization the attackers behind cyber threats using Artificial Intelligence Components.

ACI & Intelligenx’s Cyber Security Platform Solution is now offered to commercial clients, private entities, and government agencies. Please contact the team for more information on pricing and availability.