Accenture Federal and Microsoft launch cloud modernization factory

Accenture Federal Services is partnering with Microsoft to launch a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end, Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory on Microsoft Azure Government to meet the stringent security standards required for those operating across the national security space, including the Special Access Program community, the company announced March 27. The one-stop service will support federal agencies and ecosystem partners wherever they currently reside.

“For federal agencies, and our Defense Industrial Base and aerospace clients, connecting to the cloud and hardening applications are the most challenging part of any cloud journey,” said Accenture Federal Services CEO John Goodman. “Accenture Federal Services is excited to partner with Microsoft in launching the Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory on Azure to help our clients meet their mission objectives through highly capable, protected, monitored, and resilient connected services.”

Featuring a secure “connection-in-a-box”, the Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory on Azure will streamline the onboarding of remote federal sites to “air gapped” Azure Government Secret and Top Secret classified clouds to enable the highest level of security and protection for the nation’s most sensitive data. This solution integrates Microsoft’s secure networking principles which are critical for national security users, including those within the Special Access Program community.

Microsoft Azure Government Secret and Top Secret classified clouds provide national security leaders with rapid access to industry leading capabilities, including AI, to glean valuable insights from data, deliver greater agility, and enable unified cybersecurity capabilities to protect the nation’s most critical data. Federal leaders and Defense Industrial Base customers will be able to access new and emerging capabilities, such as advanced generative AI models and high-speed 5G connectivity.

“We’re thrilled to have Accenture Federal Services serve as a key federal systems integrator partner for Microsoft’s classified clouds. When delivering solutions in government air-gapped clouds, deep cybersecurity expertise, a strong networking and cloud engineering ethos, and a relentless focus on mission success are critical,” said Jason Zander, Microsoft executive vice president of strategic missions and technologies. “Microsoft’s world-class infrastructure, combined with Accenture Federal Services’ deep expertise in designing and operating secure clouds, will help agencies accelerate the migration of classified workloads to the cloud.”

Source: Accenture Federal

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