Cubic’s Teralogics launches Vaulted

Cubic Corporation of San Diego, CA announced on April 17 the launch of Vaulted, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) security compliance and team collaboration application, developed by its subsidiary TeraLogics, which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions business division.

Vaulted is a tool for businesses that offers information systems and technology applications to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) due to the rigorous and evolving compliance requirements set by the United States Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Available as a free or paid subscription, Vaulted simplifies the compliance and reporting process for new and existing applications by bringing security resources, requirements and teammates into a single workspace, reducing the number of tools and hours it takes to report system status.

Vaulted eliminates the need for client comparison tools, email and chat threads, lengthy spreadsheets, complex file versioning and untraceable document sharing between team members, according to the company. Vaulted improves communication between team members by bringing cross-discipline experts into a single workspace for reviewing, discussing and documenting actions or justifications on security findings. Additionally, the workspace improves quality of reporting by providing a unified interface where reporting inputs and supporting artifacts are collected, tracked and expanded on over time. Lastly, Vaulted reduces response time for remediating findings with an analytic insight tool that sorts audit report findings by status – allowing users to identify and work on the high-level vulnerabilities first.

“The exponential growth of cybersecurity threats creates an inflexible demand for our technology systems to be 100 percent secured to the latest standards at any given point in time,” said Dave Beliveau, vice president of ISR Solutions for Cubic | TeraLogics. “Vaulted’s emphasis on collaboration between cross-discipline team members to streamline and improve compliance activities sets it apart from any other comparable tool in the Information Assurance industry. Our product offering will significantly improve operational efficiency in meeting evolving DoD security standards.”

Source: Cubic