14 North selects Adarga’s AI-driven Vantage software

Intelligence firm 14 North has selected Adarga’s AI-driven Vantage software to supercharge its team’s research capabilities as it delivers vital geopolitical risk analysis to a growing global customer base, Adarga announced February 14.

Specializing in Sub-Saharan Africa, 14 North’s multinational experts are located across the continent and draw on decades of intelligence and diplomatic experience to deliver critical insight on one of the most complex regions in the world. Through Vantage, the 14 North team is harnessing proprietary information generated from previous research, insight from their on-the-ground network of human intelligence sources, and open-source data in multiple languages.

From fast, actionable insights to in-depth, longer-term research projects, 14 North analysts have been using Vantage to extend their capabilities by extracting, summarizing, and connecting information, as well as identifying themes and claims coming out of millions of sources. Fully evidenced outputs with links to source information ensures they can dig deeper and cover more ground but with full control over their assessments.

“Adarga Vantage is a game-changer. It enables us to draw insights from our extensive repository of past on-the-ground reporting. We also use Vantage to securely fuse insights from past reports with emerging open-source data. It’s a powerful combination that saves us time, driving efficiency, productivity, and quality of outputs,” said William Linder, 14 North’s CEO.

“We use Vantage to support most, if not all, of our analysis,” noted Avery Warfield, an analyst at 14 North, “We use the insights it generates as building blocks for our reports and as a means of determining the significance of specific information. This has increased our accuracy and saved us hours, most recently on a short-fuse requirement related to Burkina Faso.”

Vantage has been built to augment human intelligence, enabling users to offload the cognitive burden of time-consuming tasks such as information collection and processing so they can focus on critical analysis.  It enables analysts and planners to gain a rich picture of information from millions of sources in different languages and deliver dynamic insight and improved foresight to decision-makers.

Source: Adarga

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